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Big burly Scotsman battling the wind to keep his kilt from flapping and showing off his balls and dick - Gallery 195

- Probing powerful Scotsmen

You would normally find this MUSCLE BOUND SCOTSMAN digging his spiked shoes into the ground for some manly event at the Highland games. Our cameras have tracked him down as he brazenly rests between throwing the hammer and tossing a caber. The wind is picking up and hooking up the kilt from his big muscular thighs in the process. What’s revealed and what do we catch on VIDEO? A huge Scottish cock that leaves nothing to the imagination!

Scottish stag nights and the bridegroom has his kilt parted and his big hunk of prime beef displayed to the world.

- Sneakily caught Scotsmen.

This Scottish bandsman is taking a break from blowing on his pipes. His bagpipes that is! He is relaxing in the Scottish summer sun without a care in the world. But we are prying and spying with our cameras trained on his red tartan kilt. We catch every move and every revealing glimpse.

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Scottish stag nights and the bridegroom has his kilt parted and his big hunk of prime beef displayed to the world.

- Scottish Wedding and Stag Nights

We take you behind the scenes and under the kilts. See the revealing photos that DIDN’T make the wedding album. The groomsmen give the happy couple a send off they won’t forget. Big meaty cocks, pale white arses and real low hangers exposed for you to see. Sign up and reserve your place for the best view.

- Cheers mate! If only they knew

Hidden cameras zooming right under their tartan to give you front row access to beautiful uncut Scottish cock.

Big burly Scotsman battling the wind to keep his kilt from flapping and showing off his balls and dick - Gallery 195

- Spying on Scotsmen

This big muscle bound hammer thrower is fighting a losing battle. He's fighting the wind as it lifts his heavy tartan revealingly up. But he also has us as an unknown attacker, with our camera trained on his every move. VIDEOING every flinch and gust of wind, we steal all the best views of his exposed hairy balls and wonderful cock.

Steal a horny glimpse of this hunk’s VIDEOS yourself.

A crowded bar and a hunky kilted target to train my hidden camera on and snap all that was hidden under his tartan. - Gallery 141

- Tartan heaven: A bar full of hard kilted Scotsmen!

Our kilt addiction led us right into a “lion’s den” of Scottish laddies. We crashed a party held in a crowded bar rife with sexy rugged Scotsmen. We were either coming back in an ambulance or with a treasure trove of spied photographs and footage from under their horny kilts.

We escaped with our balls in tact, just a lot fuller from having violated the kilt sanctity of these hard Scottish blokes!

Summer's day, a bit of beer and a damn good dawk up a horny sexy Scotsman's kilt - Gallery 68

- Sun brings out the kilted cocks!

Yes, the sun does come out in Scotland! And with it, lots of sexy kilted guys, like this cute lad without a care in the world. Least of all the spying camera that is secretly catching his every move! The camera is teasing out a lovely foreskinned dick from the dark hairy recesses under his kilt.

Drunk Scottish Boys letting their guard down

- We never let sleeping Scots lie

A kilted Scotsman is at his most vulnerable when tired and emotional after a heavy night. Like a red rag to a bull we always take advantage of these big and rough tartan hunks. And it’s not just a sly peek! We go for the full on kilt peering monty. is always there, daring to peel back the kilts of any Scotsman drowsy or otherwise!

Drunk Scottish Boys letting their guard down

- Well endowed and wind swept Scotsmen

We admit it; we have been stalking fine Scottish lads at the highland games! So we are always there to VIDEO those opportune moments when the wind hitches up their kilts.

See all the BIG secrets that are exposed for our hidden cameras!

Drunk Scottish Boys letting their guard down

- Partying Scottish Boys letting their guard down

Never before has the secret of what Scottish men have under their kilts been revealed in such glory.

Now with glorious “flipping” VIDEO!

Purple headed monster discovered under the kilt of a hunky Scotsman - Gallery 191.


We caught this hunky kilt wearer at the Highland games eating a sausage sandwich. But it’s the big meaty steak hidden under his kilt that you will want to chow down on. The zoom lens is working overtime to take in as much as we can of this unsuspecting Scot!

Grab hold of his revealed purple headed pole. VIDEO uploaded now!

Crawl under the kilt of this hot Scottish bandsman and give his pipes a good blow! - Galleries 67 and 99

- Raise the kilt of this sporty bandsman

This sexy and cute Scottish bandsman has just finished playing his bagpipes. Relaxing with his mates, he doesn’t realise that every twitch of his kilt is being spied on. Everything is caught! Grass is prickling at his balls and his hot cock is framed by his glowing white Reebok trainers!

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Hairy Scottish cock and balls on display

- Hairy Scottish cock and balls on display

Rowdy Scots flashing passers-by giving anyone with a camera the perfect opportunity to capture their prime meat. Amazing shots of the boys hiking up their kilts to have a piss together.

Kilted monster of a Scotsman with sexy roughness secretly filmed- Gallery 189 and 190.


Have you ever heard the Scottish expression, "ah'm gonna give you a good pummeling"? If you hear it, you can expect to have about ten shades of crap beaten out of you. Trapped on a train with this kilted thug flexing his big hands into fists, I thought I was about to hear it! That alone must have scared about two shades out of me! But god it was worth it!

See the sneakily shot VIDEO of his big hands, his big nuts and his thick dick exposed!

Latest turtle necked dick revealing video on show in Gallery 180.


Our latest VIDEO is lifting the kilt on another unsuspecting Scottish hottie. Attending a wedding reception in his local pub, the last thing he expected was to have a hidden video camera stuck on him. And it’s pinned on every movement of his sporran and kilt just waiting for that moment his guard slips or his hem lifts.

See the resulting secret film of his balls, his rolled foreskin and his penis revealed!


See this rare occasion were I was so close to a horny kilted Scot that our knees were almost touching. One false move or inadvertent "beep" from my hidden camera would have alerted him and probably finished me off. But the succulent shots I took of his heavy penis, normally secreted away under the tartan, were well worth it.

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Captured at the split second they spread their legs

- Captured at the split second they spread their legs

Loads of exclusives you won't see anywhere else. After a day of celebration even the most shy lads get clumsy and accidentally expose themselves. NOT models, these are 100% Scots boys.

Kilted cutie is hiding a huge cock under the heavy tartan but not from my camera. Galleries 175 and 176


This kilted cutie may not be big enough to toss the caber but man does he have a thick caber of a cock just below his kilt. I sat stunned while I eagerly filmed every open legged moment this sexy Scot unknowingly revealed.

Lift up his Kilt and start tossing. Only inside UpYerKilt now!

Captured at the split second they spread their legs


Every twist and turn of this guarded Scot's lad was slyly FILMED until we were blessed with some awesome views of his nuts, his ruffled foreskin and his nestling cock! Reward yourself today and watch him and the rest of our amazing PHOTOGRAPHS and VIDEO FOOTAGE of hunky Scotsmen, caught completely off guard with their horny secrets and cocks revealed!


This rugby loving Scot was unknowingly framed on VIDEO, accidentally spreading his legs and exposing his generous helping of cock. Only our CAMERA was there and low enough to catch all that this sexy man had to show!


Check out the VIDEOS of this exclusive Scottish kilted hunk, in major dick viewing action. Sign up now to lift up his hem and see the glorious cock, this truly sexy Scotsman didn't realise he was being secretly caught on video camera!


More hot VIDEO FOOTAGE of Scottish studs. They have come all the way to Twickenham to watch an England v Scotland rugby match, dressed up in their finest patriotic attire: THE KILT! And what this sexy Scot is accidentally revealing under his kilt is much more interesting than any rugby game. See his VIDEOS inside now!

Bigger, better and with more big Scottish dicks than you can toss a caber at.

- Improved access to your kilt raising galleries!

UpYerKilt is now bulging with hundreds of exclusive kilt lifting galleries! We have enhanced the site, making it much faster than ever before for you to access your favourite revealing galleries. So if you would like to grab hold of some major tartan totty, check it out now!

Shocking footage taken at the Highland games

- Everyone wants to know what the Scots wear under their kilts

We have dared to take a peek and have found the very hot and explicit answer. If you have the urge to lift up a Scotsman kilt and without fear, then enter to see our hundreds of revealing galleries.

Shocking footage taken at the Highland games

- Shocking footage taken at the Highland games

These hard Scotsmen, some of them soldiers, have been mainly caught in embarrassing situations.

Captured at the split second they spread their legs

- Monster Scottish cocks revealed

Big and brawny Scot's lads with their even bigger cocks caught on show between the ruffles of their kilts.

Horny flashes of dick glimpsed during ceremonies

- Horny flashes of dick glimpsed during ceremonies

* Smart lads at Weddings, Hogmanay & Balls
* Big burly Scottish men at the Highland Games
* Mean looking soldiers with kilts caught by the wind!
* packed with those rare photos of that most illusive of sights.

Cameras hidden at the perfect angle for a glimpse underneath

- Cameras hidden at the perfect angle for a glimpse underneath

Galleries full of husky, mean bastards who would tear you a new arsehole if they caught you peeping up their kilt in real life.

Big dumb meat heads caught unaware

- Big dumb meat heads caught unaware

Our daring network of cameramen spend days taking whatever risks necessary to capture the moment when these guys are at their most vulnerable.

- Explicit access to hundreds of regular laddies

Watch hundreds of oblivious guys not realizing they are accidentally giving us a taste of their hairy bits.

Real footage taken on location

- Real footage taken on location

Dumb muscular Celtic fans that as they are showing off to their mates, we're peeking at their dicks and arses!

Our Cameras are at those drunken scottish ceilidhs

- Our Cameras are at those rowdy Scottish Ceilidhs

Taking full advantage of those red-cheeked and kilted guys who end up baring all for the crowd.

Cameras hidden at the perfect angle for a glimpse underneath

- The Tartan Army with their guard down and their dicks on view

*Big rough Scottish rugby fans
*Following their team on tour
*With their cocks caught and exposed on camera

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